Would you like to celebrate your little ones’ birthday at Disneyland Paris? The perfect place to make the day memorable.

Let’s take a look at what Disneyland Paris has to offer for the occasion. These answers apply to children and adults alike.

Is the ticket free for a birthday party at Disneyland Paris?

No, tickets are not free, including on the day of the birthday party at Disneyland Paris. Access is only free for children under 3. This offer existed for the park’s 20th anniversary in 2012, but has not existed since.

Do you get a present when you celebrate your birthday at Disneyland Paris?

You can receive an anniversary badge as a souvenir of the day.

You can ask for one in both parks at City Hall for Disneyland Park (on the left after the entrance) and at Studios Services for Walt Disney Studios (on the right after the entrance).

At both these locations, a very special person can leave you a magical message by telephone that will enchant the children.

Disney hotel residents can also request a birthday badge from their hotel reception.

Is it possible to order a birthday cake?

Yes: restaurants with table service or buffets in the parks or hotels offer the option of adding a birthday cake if you have lunch or dinner in one of them.

It is not possible to have the cake outside the meal, including for a snack.

The cake costs 35 euros and is for 8 people (you can of course order it even if there are fewer of you, but beware of stomachs that are already full!)

The flavours on offer are vanilla-strawberry or chocolate-orange.

You can order it by phone on 00331., or on the official Disneyland Paris app when you book your table: you’ll need to add the cake before confirming by clicking on “special requests”.

During your visit, you can also ask for the cake to be added to your restaurant reservation, if there is still availability, at the concierge desk of your Disney hotel for those staying there, or in the Parks again at City Hall or Studios Services.

Mickey’ birthday cake

Are there any advantages to staying at a Disney hotel for a birthday? Do you receive gifts or an upgrade?

You can specify that you are coming for a birthday when you book your stay at a Disney hotel. This does not mean that a gift or upgrade will be waiting for you on site: this does happen, but it is entirely at the discretion of the hotel.

Can I have my room decorated for my birthday?

Yes, you need to contact your hotel’s concierge service or reception desk: it is also possible to place gifts available in boutiques. Here’s an example with the different packages offered a few months ago at the New York Art of Marvel hotel (subject to availability, prices may change), including flowers, macaroons and our little ones’ favourite: balloons. Each hotel can offer different packages or decorations on their own.

Image issue du catalogue de l’Empire State et Conciergerie de l’Hotel New York Art of Marvel.

Disneyland Paris also offers other services for a fee, which can add even more magic to your little ones’ birthdays or non-birthdays:

-Disney Premier Access, queue-cutting system.

Face painting from age 3.

-VIP tours including queue-cutting at attractions and characters, reserved seats at shows and a vip guide: https://www.disneylandparis.com/fr-fr/visites/visites-guidees-vip/

So, are you ready to celebrate at Disneyland Paris?