Our little testers: two girls aged 6 and 4 and a 23-month-old boy.

Having already visited the Auberge de Cendrillon for lunch, this time we’re testing its morning form with our two girls and our little boy.

Picture from DisneylandParis.com

In this restaurant with its enchanting Cinderella decor, amidst tableaux reminiscent of many scenes from the great classic, the Princesses (3 in all) meet their visitors directly at their table.

Auberge de Cendrillon

For us, this is really the strong point of Cinderella’s Inn whether in the morning or during the day: no waiting, several characters (compared to the Princess Pavilion displaying very high waiting times, for only one Princess met).

Its weak point: the price…more on that later ⬇.

❓ How was breakfast with the Princesses?

We were seated by a waiter at a table overlooking the carriage.

There is a tray with various viennoiseries ( pain au chocolats, croissants, escargots), bread, butter, jams, honey and nutella.

Breakfast : viennoiseries and bread

This platter is to be shared by the whole table, including your under-3s: and the good news is that they don’t count towards the final bill (unless you want them to enjoy the whole menu).

Our little one is in his baby chair and FINALLY it’s not too small for him! Mickey Mouse chairs have been replaced in the restaurants of the Disney parks. As we explained to you during our visit to Walt’s, they were far too big for a toddler to sit in, even if he can sit up and eat in his highchair at home. A changing table is available in the toilets if needed.

The menu is unique: you don’t have to make a choice (apart from the menu shown or the vegan menu), we bring you everything on the menu:


The waiters offer us cold drinks (apple juice here for the whole table) and hot drinks (tea, coffee or hot chocolate).

The trays and glass holders arrived. We appreciated the mini-theme, especially our two princesses who pounced on the waffles representing the hostess: Cinderella.

Our little Némo (it was his costume for the day), not yet 2, devoured all the raspberries on the table, as well as a croissant, the compote from his big sister’s children’s menu and a slice of toast.

During the tasting, three princesses passed by each table: we met Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora. Our 4 and 6 year old princesses watched each dress before they arrived, but waited for them to come to our table. Hugs, autographs and admiration for the magnificent dresses were the order of the day. The princesses only spoke English on this day.

💭 Our little prince imitated his sisters by throwing himself into the arms of the princesses and became very friend with their bodyguard: Flynn, a friend of Pascal’s, can’t be made up. We’ll always treasure our fond memories of him.

One last run from our little Némo with his little flippers between the tables when we were the last, and our breakfast was over.

🍽 We read a lot of reviews about it not being copious: for us it was quite enough: we were wedged small like the big ones. The platters are small but the combo with the pastries and verrines was enough for us. The food on offer is not exceptional but everyone enjoyed it.

We had booked the 9.45am slot and this meant that we skipped lunch: a soup in the bottle for Flynn, but for our 4 and 6 year olds as for us, it was easy to wait for the afternoon snack as none of us were hungry before then. It obviously depends on everyone’s stomach and it’s true that it’s certainly more complicated if you take the first slots offered.

Finding Nemo

This also put the price of breakfast at the Auberge de Cendrillon into perspective: skipping the snack we had planned for lunch reduces the day’s meal budget a little.

The price of 60 euros for adults and 40 euros for children is expensive for the food on offer. But it’s still less expensive than lunch and dinner, and gives people with smaller budgets a chance to discover this restaurant. The time spent on site is also shorter than for lunch or dinner, which is interesting for those who want to visit the area without wasting too much time in the parks. The meal had been too long on our last visit with baby.

✅ All in all, the experience with toddlers went very well. The service was top notch. The weak point was the price for what was on offer, but we made up for it by doing without lunch thanks to the sufficient quantities. The babies and children ate well and loved meeting the princesses.

⚠ Unfortunately, according to Disney Report, Breakfast with the Princesses will no longer be available from 28 September 2023 (we don’t know if this is temporary or permanent).

In the meantime, if you’d like to have breakfast at the Auberge de Cendrillon, don’t hesitate to look a few days before your visit: many slots appeared for us 3 days before ours, in the late morning! After checking, it was the same the following day. For Disney hotel guests, don’t hesitate to contact Disneyland Paris by phone or your hotel concierge to add this service to your reservation.