👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Age of children: 12 months, 4 and 5 years old.

🍽 Walt’s – an American Restaurant is located in Disneyland Park, on the left side on the main avenue (in front of the castle) Main Street U.S.A.
In addition to finding many tributes and references to Walt Elias Disney in the old decors, fans will be able to find in the theming of the rooms the different lands of Disneyland Park. Thus are represented Fantasyland, Frontierland, Adventureland, Discoveryland and Main Street USA.

❔ How was lunch at Walt's?

The entrance hall will already have the parents' cameras unpinned. This one is entirely dedicated to Walt Disney whether in the photographs, furniture or even his bust. Children will be able to try the zoetrope, an ancient object used to animate drawings.

A small room at the back on the right will be of interest to adults accompanied by toddlers in pushchairs. If they are able to sit in a baby chair, this is where you can leave your stroller. If baby is still too small for the chairs, an elevator takes you up to the floor where the dining rooms are located.
➡ Let's go upstairs to be placed at our table.

⚠⚠ Walt's baby chairs are the Mickey chairs that you can find in most restaurants in both parks. These are quite large: if our 1 year old son can now sit well, these chairs are still a bit large for him. Despite the belt, not having a reducer, we kept a permanent eye on him because it was easy for him to get one leg out given the remaining margin.

We therefore recommend the stroller up to 18-24 months for babies in this restaurant (as well as in all establishments with Mickey chairs).
💥 If you can, ask when you book or when you arrive to be seated near a window with a view of Main Street USA. In addition to the breathtaking view of the alley, you will have the chance to see the parades taking place there if you eat at the time of one of them as here with the show "Rêvons et le monde s'illumine'. Our two big ones were amazed to see this show from another point of view (and we have to admit, we are too!).
Once seated, the waiter brought us the adult and children's menus. The latter turns into a little game, allowing you to learn more about the great master Walt Disney. A very nice moment to share, and helping the children to wait between each dish.
🍼 Baby lunch:

Baby has been ordered a small pot, which is free as in all table service restaurants at Disneyland Paris. This one, which arrived at the same time as the starters, is from the Bledina brand (just like at the Auberge de Cendrillon). Being a little bigger than during our last visit, and much more greedy, we completed his meal with a bottle that we had in the bag.

A changing table is located in the restrooms of the restaurants (located on the same floor as the tables) but only on the ladies' side.
👧👩 Lunch for our 4 and 5 year olds:

Our eldest opted for corn soup from Isigny (a nod to the French origins of Walt Disney) as a starter, followed by chicken fillet with sweet potato puree. Both meals were gobbled up when she is usually picky. If asked, she would give 5 stars to potatoes that were her favorite color: purple!

Our second child opted for the grilled Mickey sandwich with vegetables and Kiri cheese then the Arctic char with rice. Being very fishy this did not surprise us, however if the sandwich was successful, the char was not to Miss's taste.

Both accompanied their meal with still water (a drink is included in the children's menu)*.

For dessert, one ordered and loved the mini Mickey dome. The second chose the smoothie but negotiated with her dad to swap it for the Disneyland Paris 30th anniversary white chocolate cake included in the adult menu. Dad's review of the smoothie: Excellent.
✔ Our opinion:

💚 We loved doing the Walt with all family. The setting is truly magnificent, the meals delicious with careful presentation (for adults and children alike). The service is fast and pleasant, ideal for children not to get impatient. We will also highlight the ambient calm, even complete, of this restaurant, which is difficult to find elsewhere in one of the restaurants of the resort. Ideal for baby to also be in a less "exciting" atmosphere. An addition of a changing table atthe men's toilets would be appreciable.

The quality/price level service is, for us, what is currently most interesting, whether at Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios.

💲 Walt’s an American Restaurant: Adults 55 euros / Children 30 euros

⚠ This restaurant is in high demand! Don't forget to book ahead of your visit.

If you are staying in a Disney hotel, some time slots are open several months before the day of your arrival. You can book this restaurant from then on via the reservation center at, via your hotel concierge, or via the official Disneyland Paris app after registering your stay number on your Disney account.

If you are not staying in a Disney hotel, restaurant reservations open 2 months before your visit on the official Disneyland Paris app.

If the restaurant is full, do not hesitate to check regularly on the application if slots become available!

* For the two children's menus, our girls chose still water. Presented in a Vittel plastic bottle, our little tip is to open just one and share it. The second, (if the first was sufficient during the meal), will cover the small thirsts of the rest of the day!