One of the biggest fears parents have when travelling to a place with lots of people is losing their little ones in the crowd. Amusement parks are no exception to the rule.

⬇ Here’s our advice should this unfortunately happen to you at Disneyland Paris:

🔍 As soon as you arrive at the parks, don’t hesitate to show your children that Disneyland Paris employees have badges in addition to their costumes.

If your children get separated from you, approaching the Cast Members will be the quickest way to find you: in fact, for you too this will be the first step before finding your offspring.

The employee in question will immediately contact security 👮and help you find your child as quickly as possible.

👦 While waiting for you to join them, lost little ones are taken to the Lost Children corner.

There is one in each park and they are located on the Baby Care levels (map in photo taken from the official Disneyland Paris app 📸).

🧸In this cosy, cocooned area full of toys, a Disney employee will look after and reassure your child until you arrive.

He will even be awarded a superhero diploma for his courage in this adventure.

➡️ To make it easier to find what you’re looking for, you can provide identification bracelets or labels (for bags or clothes) with your contact details before your trip ✅. These can be found on websites that make labels for the school year or other major online retailers. Some also write them directly on the child’s T-shirts.