👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Children’s ages: 3-years-old, 5-years-old and a 7-month-old baby.

🍽 L’Auberge de Cendrillon is one of the restaurants in Disneyland Park. Its particularity: the Disney princesses are present and come to meet you during your meal.

Picture from disneylandparis.com

❔ How was our lunch with the princesses?

🍼 For the 7-month-old baby:

Still having difficulty sitting alone, it was difficult for our son to sit in a baby chair. So, we were allowed to enter with his stroller.

The table where we were placed made it perfectly possible to put him at the end of the table. Ideal to not obstruct the passage of the waiters, obviously the princesses and, at the same time, easier to feed baby.

Baby in his stroller

When ordering for the whole table, we were able to request a baby meal as shown here.

Our server offered us two sizes of pots from the Blédina brand: a small one containing only vegetables (from 4-6 months), a larger one containing meat (from 6 months).

We went with the biggest one, corresponding to the age of our son. The waiter went to heat it up in the kitchen and brought it back to us with a small spoon, just before our starters arrived.

Baby meal

During meetings with the princesses, baby was either in his stroller or in Dad or Mom’s arms. The princesses are not allowed to carry your babies but can sit on the ground so that him poses sitting next to her.

Baby with Cinderella

For changing your little ones, a changing table is in the restrooms of the restaurant.

Changing table in ladies restroom

The most challenging part for baby was clearly the duration of the meal: with a starter, a main course and a dessert for the older ones, it can be long for your little ones who often want to frolic or crawl after spending time in the stroller all day long. Do not hesitate to provide small toys in your bag to keep him busy and also have a magical time.

🧑👧 For 3- and 5-year-old

Two little girls and princesses: the stars were in their eyes as soon as we arrived in the restaurant lobby.

The Cinderella-themed decoration, reminiscent of key moments in the film, sparked a long conversation “I saw this when…”.

Once the rules have been explained, the most important being that, it is the Princesses who come to see them at their table and not the other way around, don’t be surprised to see your children turn into owls. Their eyes go round looking for a dress that can approach their table.

Just like adults, our girls received a welcome cocktail upon arrival. The children’s menu that is offered (from 3 to 11-years-old) offers a large variety of choices, there is something for everyone. The plates were not always finished but it was related to the quantity and not the taste. A soft drink is also included with the meal.

The Children’s Menu card also contains little games to keep them busy between courses.

Princesses and Princess Aurora

The most challenging part, just like for baby, was the duration of the meal: once the four princesses have passed, the games on the menu card done, and the belly filled with the starter and the main course, your little ones will be eager to return to the park, and the patience they were able to show throughout the first part of the meal will certainly start to wear thin.

✔ In summary, the experience with toddlers went very well. The meal was complete for all and the meetings with the magic princesses. But you will certainly have to speed up the end of your meal to keep a great memory of the Auberge de Cendrillon.

❗ Don’t forget to book your meal at the Auberge de Cendrillon on the official Disneyland Paris app or when booking your stay by phone. This restaurant is very often full so it will be difficult to get a table without a reservation.

✳ You can find the prices and menu of this restaurant just here .