👩‍👦Moms can breastfeed their babies wherever they want at Disneyland Paris.

Only one restriction: in the attractions for security reasons.

For those who want a more discreet place, the Baby Care of the two parks have chairs and benches in their main rooms.

➡️ It is therefore possible to breastfeed in the restaurants, exteriors and common areas of the hotels at Disneyland Paris.

🌸Breastfeeding mom experience: I confirm that I was able to breastfeed my three children without any restrictions at Disneyland Paris. For more comfort, and when I wanted to take a break with baby, I often went to enjoy of the soft armchairs of Disneyland Hotel’s former Fantasia café (can’t wait to see what it will be when it reopens).

✳️For more practicality, try to wear clothes that make breastfeeding easier (more complicated to have to lift a sweater for example 😉)

Image: @_isaiahdraws_/Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BFJ7lOlvLyx/