👍 Yes, all children can attend the differents Disneyland Paris shows .

➡️Inside, you will simply have to take your baby in your arms (if he does not walk or cannot sit up) because it is not possible to take the stroller: just like at the attractions, this one must stay outside , on the small stroller park which will be very close to the theater.

➡️ Outside, your children can stay in the stroller or in your arms.

🎧 You can provide noise canceling headphones if you wish, even if the music is not very loud in the shows (except perhaps at the Lion King show) , but it can be useful for the fireworks that take place during Disney Illuminations.

🥁The parade is very popular, even for children under two (so much music and colors.) The ideal is to be there early so you can be right in front. Mom and dad will also see very well in being right behind the stroller 😉

✳️ For the list of shows and parades currently offered at Disneyland Paris, click here:


You will find the timetables for the day of your visit on the official Disneyland Paris app.

(Photo of Mickey and the magician, from the website www.disneylandparis.com)