It’s time to change your child’s diaper, or just his clothes.

Here’s where to find a changing table.

➡️ At the Babycare Center of the two parks.

➡️ If you’re not nearby, no need to run through the lands 😉 You’ll find them in park toilets 🚽

➡️ In hotels, also in the toilets, or via dedicated spaces such as the NewYork Art Of Marvel hotel, near the Super Hero Station.

✳️ If you don’t also have to feed baby, choose the toilets more than the Walt Disney Studios Babycare Center… inside this one , there is only one changing table, so you may have to queue there.

📷The photos below list the location of the toilets in both parks. You will have access to it by downloading the official Disneyland Paris application. To do this, just go to: Map, filter and toilets 🚻 .

🔴 In red the location of the Babycare Centers.