In restaurants with table service, if the baby is still feeding on a bottle, you can ask your server to heat it up.

If your child has started to eat baby food jars , these restaurants offer you free jars prepared by them or to heat up your own if you prefer.

⚠️ Careful, if your child is 2 years old and has given up the little jars , we advise you to take him a children’s menu but you will have to pay it. In this case, the good plan are the buffets 😉

– In restaurants with an all-you-can-eat buffet, children under 3 years old do not pay. They have access just like you to the buffet without any restrictions. If you want to warm up a bottle or jars , the servers will do it for you 🍳

– In fast formula restaurants, there is no free small jars but you can heat your baby food in the microwaves who are available for it . Microwaves are also present in the BabyCare Center of the two parks.

To seat your children, high chairs are available in all restaurants regardless of their type of service.

For babies still too small to sit, no problem : you can enter with their stroller (only in this case, otherwise the strollers remain outside).

It is of course also possible to breastfeed your children wherever you wish at Disneyland Paris (except in the attractions for security reasons), including in the restaurants.

✳️ A little advice: Don’t forget your spoons 😉 because the plastic ones from quick services or BabyCare Center are really too big for little mouths.

And for the list of Disneyland Paris restaurants, it’s here:

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Picture taken from The Mandalorian/ Lucas Film