From 3 years old, you will need a child ticket (valid for 3-11 year olds) 🎫.

Free entry exists from birth – until the day before 3 years old.

This also concerns Annual Passes, and stays in Disney hotels.

Other questions :

– You may be asked for an age check at the entrance to the Disney parks: so don’t forget your children’s identity documents or family booklet. 📔

– There is no child rate for the purchase of an annual pass, nor a large family reduction. Same for privilege ticket (advantage included with the annual Magic Plus and Infinity passes) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

– If you want to participate in an annual pass, halloween or new year party , and your child is not yet 3 years old, free entry also applies. He will have access to these evenings just like you. Same if you have access to extra magic moments (time when Disney parks are open only to disney hotel residents and certain types of Annual Pass) 👍

– It is possible for a child to enter with an adult ticket. It is not possible for an adult to enter with a children one (even if you are still big children!)

💡 – To be able to enter in Disneyland parks, remember that reservations are mandatory for all undated tickets and annual passes via the Disneyland Paris reservation platform:

For children under 3, no ticket so no reservations 😉

Image downloaded from the official Disneyland Paris website.