💥 "The place" to know for a visit to Disneyland Paris with a baby is the Baby Care Center. We have already told you about it in our previous articles, whether for your children's meals or the purchase of childcare items.

🔎 Zoom in on this space dedicated to toddlers and their parents in Disneyland Park.

🏰 Baby Care or Baby Corner is located on Main Street USA (the driveway in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle), to the right of the Plaza Garden restaurant when looking at the entrance. You will find the corner for lost children in the same place, and right next to it, the first aid center 🚑 .

🏎 When you arrive at Baby Care, you will have to leave the stroller outside of it: a corner is reserved in front of the entrance to park them.
🛒 Inside, a Disney employee welcomes you behind his counter. It is to him that you can ask for all questions relating to the baby corner.

To purchase items for your little one that you may have forgotten, it will no longer be at the Baby Care . It will be at the stroller rental , near the entrance in the Disneyland Park. The Baby Care Center sold nothing since the beginning of February 2023.

👩 Behind the Cast Member counter, you will see a large room with lots of toys. This one is not part of the baby corner, although your little ones would probably love to crawl on the soft carpet! Indeed this room houses the corner of lost children: it is to this meeting point that children who have lost their family are waiting. They remain under the supervision of Disney employees, authorized for this type of situation, until their parents recover them.
✨ On the left of this reception room, you enter the part dedicated to babies.

📺 A first room will allow you to heat your bottles or small pots: two microwaves are intended for this.

   In the second, the Mom-Baby Lounge (don't worry dads and other family members also have access), you will find baby chairs, chairs and wooden armchairs intended to feed babies.
✳ A little comfort advice from mum: if the large wooden armchairs will first give you the impression of sitting on a princess throne, I do not recommend them if you are breastfeeding or giving a bottle. They quickly become uncomfortable when you cannot move and the height of the armrests does not allow you to have the correct support to rest your arm during breastfeeding. You will certainly find the simple wooden chairs more pleasant and practical.
🚽 In the third room you will find several changing tables, sinks, protective papers, as well as two toilets. Baby Care's changing tables are bigger than in parks toilets with space and more safe.
✔Disneyland Park Baby Care gives access to many facilities to spend a dream day at Disneyland Paris with babies.

➖ Nevertheless, the Parisian park would do well to take inspiration from certain foreign resorts that also belong to the Walt Disney Company. The theme and the comfort offered is worthy of a park from the 1990s.
Child Services – Baby Care
California Adventures Anaheim
👁 By taking a look at the different Disney parks around the world, we can envy soft armchairs, decorations, or other services offered: for example at Disneyland Resort, "private" areas are offered to mothers seeking or wanting more discretion: an armchair/rocking chair surrounded by a curtain.

💡A small area allowing children under 18 months, unable to walk, would also be nice for babies spending the day in the park in their stroller or parent's arm. And the return of purchases diaper-small pots: having to return to the entrance of the park  is not practical.

❗ Many people are unaware of the presence of Baby Care. It's there ! Do not hesitate to use it as a moment of calm for you and to take care of your little ones.