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Today, it is Victoria who play the game and answers our questions.

Hang on if there is one thing she loves, it is talking! And Disney Parks imagineers will be impressed.
Victoria (5)
Your first name and your age?

Victoria and I am 5 and a half years old

Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris? How many times ?

Yes ! 1000 (note: at least!)

Do you live near parks?

No, I live a little far away. I get in the car and we look for Mickey's signs.

Do you have an annual pass? How it works ?

Yes ! When there are closed doors, you have to put it on the small image and it opens the door at Disneyland.

What is your favorite park between Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios?

Disneyland Park but I can't wait to see the kingdom of Arendelle!

What character have you met before?

Minnie, Mickey, my favorite Avengers Captain Marvel.

Which character would you like to meet?

Elsa and Anna and everyone from Frozen 2, everything except the giants of Earth because they don't live with us but I'm ok with seeing them in a show.

What is your favorite attraction?

At Disneyland park what I prefer is Casey and Zig Zag  at studios.

Casey is a train that goes super fast at full speed and every time I say hello to the controller. And Zig Zag is a little dog that goes very quickly on rails and says go go let's go!

Which one do you fear the most?

Well, we're going to see uh Phantom Manor. Oh dear. So there I was scared except when there were dancers. They're at a ball and they're dancing and they're eating. The ghosts said haha. ​​I feel like they're real but I think they're attached.

What attractions do you do?

Casey, Zig Zag, Fairytale World, Mine Train, Parachutes, Star Tour, Dumbo, Autopia, Peter Pan, Carousel, Spiderman, and I don't know the others.

If you had to invent a land/attraction of your dreams, what would it be?

Both ? Uh, a land of Disneyland princesses with lots of shows and a land of Capfuns, it's characters and people who are dressed in red and white from the campings. 
I want to create an Ariel attraction where she can come and swim with us and we can have water guns and throw them at Ursula: pshit pshit pshit wet her! That's good huh? Maybe it will work out.

Have you ever been to a hotel at Disneyland Paris? Tell us !

Yes ! I went to the hotel of boats and superheroes. My favorite is that of the boats because there was a nice room and E*** who made me a super good cocoa with whipped cream!

Your favorite restaurant and what you prefer to eat?

The Auberge of Cinderella was full of princesses it was good we can take pictures!

I would love to eat a giant snow queen ice cream the most in the world and have the princesses and Anna and Elsa come and eat them with me.

Do your parents buy you things at Disneyland Paris? What do you want the most in the shops?

The shoes and the wands and the dresses of the princesses. And all about princesses!

What is your best memory at Disneyland Paris?

That's when we had magic tickets. Magic tickets are for not queuing.

Tell me what you want about Disneyland Paris!

Each time it makes me happy at Disneyland Paris to go to a restaurant that we have never been to, to buy new things and to see Aurore's castle and the carousel and Dumbo and ride Autopia!

Thank you Victoria!

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