At Disneyland Paris, there are attractions for the whole family. One of the little ones favorite attraction at Walt Disney Studios is Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin, commonly referred as ZigZag.
It is located in the Toy Story part of the park.

On board of the giant dog from Toy Story, we go around in circles around a bowl of bones.

Zigzag tries desperately to grab his tail.

📏 Some Disneyland Paris attractions are not accessible to the youngest: height restrictions may apply. You can find the list on the official Disneyland Paris website: .

👶 But be careful, the indication is missing for Zigzag. Indeed, babies must be at least 12 months old to do this attraction. Access to the attraction will be refused to your little one if he is not this age.

➡ The rule being that Baby cannot stay on his parent's laps, he must be seated between them (and held). Below 1 year, it can be difficult\dangerous for some given the movements of the attraction (and even above, at 14 months it must be recognized that our little tester was not very comfortable!).

🧒 Above two years old, this is one of the favorite attractions for children under 6 at Walt Disney Studios.

A fun time for the whole family!